Created an ISO Image of DVD but keep getting burn errors

I use DVD Decrypter 3.160 is basically an Image from the drive to a DVD. I use to burn everyday and not all of the sudden I get I/O Device Error. The Writer is is on a Secondary IDE itself. Now when I write it with Nero from 5.5 to 6.015 or DVD Dcrypter 3.16+ or so… I get the I/O Device error… stangely others are ok.

I have WinASPI 4.71 installed as well. I tried everything under the sun for more than 2 weeks now… please help. Using Win2k with SP1, 2, 3,4 and post fixes… what else can be the problem…I even changed to 8 different types of media.

try changing to aspi 4.60.

Yes I tried it as well 4.6 ASPI and still does not work