Created a dvd with Nero 7 Premium and it freezes when I play back



Hi, new to the forums… I’m trying to make a couple of dvds from some .wmp files, but when I play the DVDs on my standalone DVD player, the video freezes at approximately 10 seconds into the video… I’ve tried it now with three discs and all three times the video freezes in nearly the same spot…

i feel like it must be a problem with Nero, because the video files play fine on my computer before I burn them to DVD… but the DVD itself will not play anywhere without freezing up…

any help is appreciated!


Welcome to CD Freaks.

Typically your problem is down to the discs not being burned very well, either because of the wrong burn speed but more likely because the media you’ve used is of a very poor quality.

So what burner do you have , what disks are you using and what speed did you burn them at?



hmm… forgive me if i sound ignorant about some of this stuff… i just have the cd burner that came with my computer… it says something like “double layer burning 8.5gb max capacity”…

the discs im using are just plain Office Depot DVD-R’s… i think i probably just tried to burn them at max speed if thats the default setting… (which still takes like 2-3 hours)…


I’d suggest that you get some Verbatim +R DVDs and try again.

The reason it’s taking 2-3 hours is because it’s converting the files into DVD movie format before burning them.

I’m assuming that you’re using something like Nero Vision to do the conversion/burn. Is this so?