Create VR mode disc on PC


Is there any VR mode (DVD-VR and DVD+VR) authoring tool for the computer?

IsoBuster is at least able to read out the information perfectly.

If possible, the following features should be aboard (cover the feature range of as many devices as possible):
I probably mentioned several items twice, accidentally.

  • Open-Source and cross-platform.
  • Ability to add/remove videos.
  • Allow direct recording (webcam, screen, any video device supplied by system or other applications) onto the disc.
  • Virtual DVD_RTAV folder (ability to save somewhere else than directly DVD)
  • Adding/removing chapters.
  • Creating playlists. (some DVD recorders support playlists and VR mode on DVD-R/+R too, if I am correct).
  • (Re)Naming tracks/playlists/disc title. Possible on both RW/R.
  • DVD-VIDEO recording mode (DV-RW250 has a compatible DVD-Video recording mode, supported by classic DVD players).
  • Finalize/Unfinalize.
  • Write-protect/undo write protection.
  • GUI and CLI support.
  • Ability to hide tracks.
  • Ability to connect/split/overwrite/hide/block(difference?) titles (listed on german, superior Wikipedia article ).
  • Ability to connect/hide/delete/create chapter marks.
  • Ability to cut videos (as known from our DV-RW250)
  • Ability to duplicate title. (didn’t a Panasonic DVD recorder have this?).
  • Ability to create playlists with chapters instead of only tracks.
  • Maybe some additional features from VCD/CDDA/HD-DVD/BD recorders (bypass GEMA flag for CDDA-R(W))

Of course, I do not think, that such a perfect tool is available yet. But maybe, something that already exists at least covers some of those features.

DVD+VR format