Create virtual CD drives with SimDisc... *updated*

I just posted the article Create virtual CD drives with SimDisc… updated.

SimDisc enables you to create virtual CD drives on your computer. These drives allow you to run Images of copied CDs (and DVDs in the future!) from your hard disk drive and use them just as if they…

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Right, no pricing info, but it looks like you have to buy it, 'cause you can’t download it. So that would make it like a Daemon-tools that you would have to pay for… Do they think it will sell???

now this is pathetic. selling another product that is already free and very good. for those of you who do not know, daemon tools is the program to get. it’s good enough. it’s free. it supports lots of images. and it can emulate some copy protection schemes.

DAEMON TOOLS IS BEST VIRTUAL CDDRIVER THAT EVER MADE! Daemon really is best for play image copys from hd, and it beats copy protections! USE daemon if you want to use something virtual drivers :4