Create VCD from directory structure

I got a VCD source but in hard disk structure containing the folders:


All the files are in place but I can’t burn the VCD using the files in the directory. What I do is:

  1. Use Nero 6.0 to create a new VCD Compilation using the default “Create standard compliant CD” and “Use CD-i application”
  2. Nero already creates the directory structure exactly the same as mine.
  3. I drag and drop *.DAT files from MPEGAV to the compilation track window and it works fine.
  4. But in order to preserve everything including the original menu, I drag and drop the files from other folders to the compilation, including CDI, EXT, VCD folder to the compilation, the windows “A special entry aleady present in the target location. Original, Joliet or ISO file names can be identical. Cannot move ‘CDI’ to new location”. The same happens to ‘EXT’, and ‘VCD’ folders where special entries exists. I can only put those ITEM*.DAT to SEGMENT folders.

As a result, the VCD burnt does not have the menu as the original one, though it can play all tracks.

Can I build the VCD with menu intact from hard disk directory structure?


Use VCDGear to extract the MPG file (use DAT to MPG option) from the *.DAT file in the MPEGAV folder and then use that in Nero to burn back to a VCD using Video-CD mode. Use Nero’s menu feature to make a new Menu.

Thanks Chickman,

Any way I can get the original menu back from the directory structure?

No, I’m not aware of any. You could try playing the VCD off the HD and do a screen capture via WinDVD or PowerDVD’s camera icon. Then load that into Nero as background image, not sure how you can line the buttons up though (its been a LONG time since I played with Nero’s VCD Menus).