Create two files from one big Avi?

I wonder if it´s possible to cut a movie in the middle and make two separate parts and if so wich software that is possible with.
Since I don´t have a dvd-r and my cd-rw is so useless I can´t even burn 800mb cds on it I would like to make smaller files out of the big ones.

avi splitter.

Ok, thanks but that program are trial-version only. That´s ok with me but the trial-version only allouds the first 60 seconds of a partion to be divided. Not much when you want to divide a two hour file. Anyone nows another program with working trial-version or even better: a free avisplitter?

VirtualDub can do it.

WebSite Here.

You may need to find a guide on how to spilt it though.