Create shortcut on Joliet file system

What I want to do is burn a joliet cd with files in different subfolders, but put links to all these files from the different subfolders in a different folder or the root directory. It would be cool if they were hard links, but i don’t know how the joliet file system works. If I just use regular windows shortcuts, the paths are absolute and not relative, so the shortcuts point to the original file…useless when burning a cd! i need the paths to be relative. is there a way to do this? i am completely lost. thanks for the help!

You could try changing the absolute path in the properties of the shortcut , say for instance :




. is not really relative… it points towards the current position (which is D:\ when you access your cd-rom drive).

If your current path is H:\NOTCRAP\TEST.EXE and you would access the .\CRAP\CRAP\CRAP.EXE which is supposedly on the D:\ drive , it’ll fail horribly. Since there is no H:\CRAP\CRAP\CRAP.EXE

So try test it with a cd-RW

Beware that the icon is lost when the shortcut cannot find its target