Create nrg without nero




does anyone know of a way to create NRG files for use in Nero CDSpeed without using Nero itself? I tried using UltraISO but the files it creates can’t be used with CDSpeed…



NRG files can be created with ISObuster. Create a ISO file (use your favorite burning program) and then use ISObuster to convert the image file to NRG.



probably I am blind but… how can ISObuster create NRG files? I am not able to see it… :confused:

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and are they compatible with CDSpeed? I dont feel like installing more trialware on my PC just to find out it wont work :frowning:


I’m sorry, i was mistaken. It can read NRG files but it cannot create them (or i haven’t found out how to in ISOBuster). Unfortunately, i cannot answer your inquiry as i have not found another program to create NRG files besides Nero.


Perhaps UltraISO’s author could answer why it creates incompatible NRGs? :confused: He’s visiting these forums, right?


I think he was visiting the forums some time ago, but I am not sure about that now.

A new version of UltraISO has just been released ( but the problem remains.

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I reported the problem, and he fixed it! Redownload it =) Too bad I don’t have the licence for it;p


It’s true, excellent job. Thanks! And thanks to xoben :bow: of course! :slight_smile:




well, “convert” functions till seems to be broken :confused:


What do you mean?



Well, I created ISO in WinISO, then used UltraISO’s “convert” function to convert it into NRG, and CD Speed didnt accept it. I did this because I dont own a UltraISO licence… :frowning:


Strange… I’ve just done it with an ISO image that I already had on my hard disc… converted with UltraISO and it worked… :confused:




What’s new:

New direct CD access feature, can open data/audio/video/multi-session CD/DVD-ROMs directly, view/extract/edit the content and save to an image
Can open and convert CD/DVD images with single UDF volume (without ISO-Bridge)
New command line parameters for making CD/DVD images
Supports Catalan language
Checks image format compatibility when burning on Nero
Fixed a compatible problem of .NRG image creation (Nero CD-DVD Speed)
Fixed a bug with opening some MDS images and multi-session CCD images
Fixed a bug with remembering height of main window on quit
Some minor improvements and bug fixes



So did it work for you with the latest version? :slight_smile:



yeah it works fine, there was a problem with dvd images, but it’s fixed now :iagree: