Create .mds file for an existing .mdf?

Hi. I’ve been creating backups of DVDs using Alcohol 120% lately, and I deleted a few .mds files thinking I could avoid some clutter on my drive. Turns out the .mds files will help me better organize them. Is there a way to create a .mds file for an existing .mdf image, or do I have to recreate the entire image all over again?

By the way, I’m not exactly sure if this should be considered a stupid newbie question or a not-so stupid newbie question. If it’s the latter, please move it mods. Thanks. :eek:

Maybe you can do this. If you get DVD Decrypter ( & search) it has a function “Create DVD MDS file” from supported files. I don’t have any MDF files to be able to try this but it might work.

Nah. DVD Decrypter’s option to create a .mds file is really the same as creating a .mdf file. The .mdf is the actual image, similar to a .bin. The .mds is similar to a .cue file. That’s why I’m having such a hard time finding a solution to this on Google. Everything I search for brings up info on how to make a .mds image.