Create iso of folder to hard drive

I have Nero and need to know if I can use it to create a .iso of a folder and save it on the hard drive. I don’t want to burn it to a CD or DVD, but upload it FTP. I can use a seperate utility ‘ISO Recorder’ to do it, but can Nero do it?


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Yes, nero can create ISO files.

Select from the drive list “image recorder”, and then select ISO instead of the default NRG file when nero ask where to save the ISO file.

I must not have done something right, no .iso option. All choices on the Nero SmartStart are for CD or DVD. I did get the “image recorder” but when I select the folder and than ‘Save As’ I have no option to save as .iso.

I finally figured it out. Had to go a different route than I was going.

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Have you found the ISO option?

There is also a freeware program called Folder2ISO that works well, see Here

geno888, I did find out how to do it with Nero after a while. Not anything that jumps out at you if you’re not familiar with how to do it. It’s actually faster to do it with ISO Recorder

Made a little movie of how easy it is to do. Movie


The latest Imgburn does this just fine as well. I find I’m using it alot lately for just this.

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I really liked the movie in your post. How did you create it? Are such things availble as freeware or cost mega dollars? It just seems so damned useful. And thanks for posting it too BTW.

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