Create ISO and Store

I need to take a group of files located in a local directory and create an ISO image of them and store locally on a server to be downloaded at a later time. I have sifted through all the documentation and threads and have not come to a conclusion. I’ve found some reference of using “Image Recorder”, but have not found any examples of how to use this feature. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If the NERO SDK does not do this, does anyone know of a COM/API/CommandLine utility out there that will accomplish what I need.


Take a look at NeroCMD. It is a command line utility installed by Nero installer. It can do exactly what you need. You need to study the command line switches in order to get the exact effect you want but you may start from this example:

--drivename "Image Recorder"
--iso "name goes here"
file1 file2 dir\file3 dir2

Thank you very much. That will make this project much easier

I had this working, but am running into problems again.
Command I’m using:

nerocmd --write --real --drivename “Image Recorder” --recursive --iso “test” c: emp

It prompts for an iso name and then displays the following:

Error: There is not enough space available to burn the image.

There is plenty of storage available.



Switched to version and it worked. Anybody else run into this?

You can use –no_user_interaction if you want a completely unattended operation. Make sure to also use –output_image <filename> if you write to an “Image Recorder”.

I dug up this thread while searching for information on creating ISOs using nerocmd. The reason that I’m searching here is that the information is not obviously available in the documentation, as pointed out in this thread.

It seems like the nerocmd user documentation is oriented toward burning disks only, without directly discussing creating ISO images. So, if any of the Nero folks are listening, I’d suggest that you consider updating your user documentation to include a discussion on creating ISO images.