Create home DVD to play in USA

I live in the UK but as my daughter lives in the USA I need to burn DVDs for Region 1 (I think!).

I have successfully created DVDs (from uploaded camcorder video recordings) to play on my UK DVD player and TV but haven’t been able to create an NTSC version that works in the USA. On my daughter’s DVD player the error message displayed is “prohibited from playback by area limitations”.I’ve tried switching my DVD burner to Region 1 from ‘no region’ but that didn’t work.

I’m using a DELL Dimension E520 with a TSST corp DVD±RW TS-H653A DVD RW drive. The OS is Windows Vista Home Premium and I’m using MS Windows DVD maker to create the DVDs using imation DVD-R discs.

Thanks for any help

Switching your burner’s setting will only affect [B][I]playback[/I][/B] from that unit, not the burning.

Somewhere in the authoring software there should be a region setting option for the DVD playback. Normally your own videos are not region-restricted (ie set to region ‘0’ (zero) ). It’s possible that when you choose NTSC conversion that the region is set automatically. Unlikely but you should check.

Otherwise, can your daughter’s DVD player be made region free?

Many thanks for the advice. In the Windows Movie Maker and DVD Maker software there doesn’t seem to be (ie I cannot find!) any settings for region code just a PAL/NTSC option. My daughter’s looking into the multi-region DVD player but , to save that expense, I’m exhausting (in every sense of the word!) all other avenues first.

In WMM did you check in "Tools>Options>advanced> Video format,and tick NTSC ?..
There are other proggies,that work better than WMM, IMO! try with DVDFick or FAVC, SVCD2DVD…

Edit: just noticed u r using Vista,hope the settings are the same in WMM for vista as in XP …good luck!..

Thanks for your help

One long-hand way around it (if WMM will allow) is to author the DVD to an ISO file. Then use DVD Shrink (freeware) to open that and physically burn the disc from there. There’s definitely an option in DVD Shrink to set region to ‘0’ …

Thanks for your help - I’ll try that.

Except that DVDShrink doesn’t actually have a burning capability built in.

He would have to have DVDDecrypter or Nero installed and select one of those programs in the options within Shrink to do the burning.

Yea good point; forgot that :wink:

DVD Decrypter (freeware) and Nero 6.x (freetrial-ware)

Thanks lads!!