Create DVD menues




Can DVDFab create Menues?
E.g. when I rip two titles of two different dvds and merge them two one disk, i would like to have the option to select one of the titles via menue.
Right now i have to fastforward to the end of the first title. Then the second starts automatically.


Merge mode doesn’t currently offer that ability. Most players will let you navigate by Title, which would be better than FF.


hm. seems like power dvd doesnt. but that was only software test.
we would rather need something that works on every hardware.


Sometimes it is a hidden feature that you have to poke around a little to find. WinDVD does (right click on screen) and all 3 of my standalone player/recorders do also, but sometimes it’s hard to find in the menu system, e.g. on the Ilo/LiteOn it is under the “Navigate By” menu and is one of several options. I’m surprised it’s not in PowerDVD. This may be a future option in DVDFab. Hope so.