Create Dos bootable CD using Nero




I’m trying to create a bootable CD using Nero. But the Nero “boot” icon seems to want to only burn a logical drive or an image. I want to burn the bootable dos files created when I used XP to make a bootable floppy. Nero works fine otherwise. Need to do this because I have Software Recovery software which needs to be on a bootable diskette, but is too large. Please advise.



in your case put the bootable floppy in your drive, start nero as you did, selecting the “bootable logical drive” and select your floppy drive with the boot up disk in it, then create your CD as normal. what this will do is merge the (floppy) boot disk image with the CD image. It sounds to me like this is what your looking to do? but what exactly are you trying to create this boot cd for?


Thanks for the info. 15,000 people saw my post and only you replied. I think you solved my problem. Sorry I did’n see your post. I thought I would get a auto email response when someone responds.



I noticed that. Been 2 years and you never solved it?


i seen that just after he posted back, but i didn’t want to say anything :bigsmile:


:bigsmile: Must have joined the Army or something…