Create Data Disk & Burning Speed

I would like to know if it is possible to FORCE-Select the maximum Burning speed, when creating Data Disks using Nero CD-DVD speed.

Just to be sure that my question is clear enough:

If I select “Create data disk” with a YUDEN000T02 blank in my DW1620, the burning speed will automatically be the HIGHEST possible burning speed for the applicable media (16X, in this case). Can I adjust settings in CD-DVD speed, in order to limit the burn speed to 12X or even 8X ? :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance for your answers/comments.

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Yes, in Nero CD/DVD Speed 3.61 at least you can go into File | Options and one of the selections in there (Sorry, in the process of a burn so can’t look at the moment…) has two options in it for read/write speeds to be locked in. Go under the write speed option and click “Selected” and then click the number up to 4, 8, or 12 (whatever you want your write speed to be set at) and that is where it’ll start the burn off at. :slight_smile:

Braxas, Thanks a lot for your answer, I shall try it tonight.

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