Create Button



I’ve been creating my own menu’s in NeroVision 3 for a long time.
It appears that you can also make your own buttons.
But how come, when I create my own button ( In Adobe Photoshop
from .PSD to .PNG ) it comes out with green and red edges?
It looks really horrible!

There’s a picture I have attached to my thread.
The left one is the output and the right one I created and saved
in Adobe Photoshop.

Can anyone please help me!!!


It must have something to do with your photoshop settings and/or your monitor calibration. I would guess it is more photoshop. When you start in photoshop, are you using a transparent background for your project? That would account for the background (red), but I’m not sure how it is turning green.


But the background has to be red. Otherwise the background won’t turn
transparant in NV3


Have you rendered and authored your project and tried playing back the mpeg2 to see if it views the same?


I figured it out :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s kinda hard to explain but if anyone is reading
this topic and has the same problem, you can
always e-mail me.