Create and save an image

i want to create an image file like .nrg or .iso, doesn’t matter. how can i create this file from a folder on my hdd and save it into a local folder to write it later on a cd?? :confused:
please tell me where i can find information about this problem. :slight_smile:

thanks stefan

Don’t know about the Nero .sdk,but this software can do that:

AFAIK this feature is not currently supported by the (free) Nero API.

Of course this is supported. You will have to use Image Recorder as target drive to create an image file instead burning on disc.

Cool, didn’t know that (never actually selected the image recorder). Thanks!

I’m pleased to could be able to teach you something about NeroSDK:-).
Thank you for your support work on this forum.

You (ahead) made a conveniently usable API (inkl. documentation, demo projects, COM components etc.) for free. I’m happy if I can reward this by helping others a little bit with my API knowledge. Keep up your good work and friendly support!

thanks for so many replies.
how can i target especially the image writer?
and how can i tell it where to save the images?

thanks a lot

I’ve never used it myself, but I guess that you may use NeroInitImageRecorder to initialize the image recorder.

Furthermore, NERO_SCSI_DEVICE_INFO::nsdiCapabilities has set the flag NSDI_IMAGE_RECORDER in the list of devices, so the image recorder should be easy to find in the collection returned by NeroGetAvailableDrivesEx.

Finally there is an DLG_FILESEL_IMAGE enum for the user callback dialog which can be used to set the image path.

So I would guess you

  1. Get the drives collection by NeroGetAvailableDrivesEx
  2. Find the image recorder in the drives collection.
  3. Init the image recorder by NeroInitImageRecorder (is this really necessary?)
  4. Maybe handle the UserDlg callback DLG_FILESEL_IMAGE and provide the path for the image file
  5. Burn the compilation to the image recorder.