Create an working Image from Securom 5 DVD?

Hi, i’ve got a Problem with Deus Ex in German !
It is on DVD and normally i use my Alcohol
and create an Image. After that i can mount it with the Virtual Drive from Alcohol and it works, like it was an original disc.

So now here is the Problem :
When i wanna copy a CD i just select the Securom 4x5x Settings…and tataa…

But with the DVD inseret, i cannot select any Profile ! :frowning:

Here is a picture of it !

Please Help me, i just wanna make a perfect working Image !:bow:

Alcohol does not yet support game dvds that are protected

And DOES Somebody know, how to make a working Image ?

You can try blindwrite 5. But alcohol will soon support securom on dvd.

Nope ! Doesn’t work with Blind Write… ohhh man… they should bring the next Version as soon as possible !:sad:

That does make NO Fun !:bigsmile:

Will it support Dual Layer dvds as well? image making at least!


Pretty sure alc already supports making images of dual layer dvd’s. It just can’t burn them.