Create an Illegal TOC with Dummy Files for Audio CD




I’ve done so much research on how encrypted CDs may have only come to one solution: If they’re encrypted, they won’t play on any CD players at all, whereas they play on computer.

What I want to ask is how can I create an Illegal TOC with Dummy data files in Mixed Mode, in CD-Extra, or in Enhanced-CD version, as long as it is in the Blue or Yellow Book classification.

Afterwards, hide the .cue or .bin before burning. That way, the Illegal TOC .cue or .bin layout will not be detected thus will not be ignored.

It must be within an ISO-9660 cross-platform image that has the .cue, .bin and with the data dummy files at the end of the audio track layout. Also, it would include both modes 1 and 2 within the index of the .cue or .bin layout.

In step-by-step instructions, can somebody give me precise information on how to do this correctly.

Thanks in advance



What I want to do is to create two dummy files: one for in CD-ROM Mode 1, and the other one in CD-ROM Mode 2/XA Afterwards, create a .cue sheet image of an audio CD. Next is to perform the editing, but I don’t know how to do that correctly in a .cue sheet file. Maybe in a .bin sheet file as binary.


I dont see the sense in this.
It will be copied by cloneCD or Blindread nonetheless.