Create a virtual rom drive across network possible?

Not talking about mapped network drives here. I’m talking about doing what Daemon tools or Alcohol do but for a network drive.

So you could do image copying of VCD/SVCD from one PC to the other and have the network rom drive selectable from Nero CD copy rom drive drop down menu (Only shows your hardware rom drives and virtual rom drives in the main PC).


Perhaps using .NET technology , but i seriously doubt it.

You could make a virtual drive on system 1 , share the drive completely and map it on system 2 , but i doubt you can use images with copyprotection.

It should be possible to mount a shared image though.

image.iso resides on system 1 and is shared using //system1/share/image.iso

image.iso is mounted on system 2 using //system1/share/image.iso

Making the image kinda defeats the object which is to be able to make direct CD copies from a network drive (Rather than just copying the files off a network drive).

What about remote writing in the likes of Padus Discjuggler .NET or Nero .NET ?

I have no clue if it’ll work and i hope the guys and girls from Ahead and Padus can help you a little.