Create a Superhero

Combine as many as the 20 options you see up here to create your own superhero.

The Amazingly Enormous Invisible Cyborg Womaaan!
The Visionary Firebreathing Baby!

The Enormous Brainy Mutant

The Invisible Freezing Lava Lizard.

Fascinating to see…if you have infrared goggles.

the freezing visionary

The Man

The Fantasically Brainy Lightning Fast Secret Cyborg Man

Enormous Mutant Firebreathing Lava Lizard

I haven’t decided which part of the lizard is enormous yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazingly Secret Venomous Invisible Lightning fast Brainy Cyborg :iagree:

The Fantastic Lightening fast Freezing Thing… Striking fear into his/her/its enemies with such a cunning name!

What we need is a

visionary brain :bow:

and no more

Cowboys from hell! :a


Invisible venomous lightning-fast baby-lizard-man