Create a small program/macro

I was wondering if there is a program where you can create your own… macro type thing.
I want to be able to go to sleep, and every 60 seconds, it tells the computer to right-click, and every 5 minutes, tells it to press F1 or something

you could do this with a little programming, but i am unaware of programs that do this for you offhand. search a little for basic windows programming, then incorporate a timer and send the proper input messages to the windows message handler.

:eek: I haven’t ever done anything like that before… sure… I’ve thought about it… but haven’t gone through with it.
I wouldn’t know what programs and such; and don’t really want to learn code. But if there is anybody that could help me with it all, I would have a go! :smiley:

lol - help with the programming? as in “i’ve never programmed before” or “i’ve never created my own windows program before” ? if its the second, we can work it out over the forum :smiley:

the first, though, might not be as much fun.

i have seen various timer programs, but none that have the functionality you desire

Well, I’ve never made any programs at all… well apart from a trojan, using a trojan creator :p. But that was easy… I want to make it run in Windows 2000. I don’t know how to make anything like that but I am willing to give it a shot :slight_smile: If, of course, there is someone willing to help me :).

well, basically, has some good intro stuff. if i understand correctly, you want keyboard keys to be sent to the operating system on a timer? keyup and keydown messages are fairly easy to use, as is the timer.

still, though, googling for a program to do it may be faster in the end. i dont have any compilers on my computer at the moment or i’d give it a start. if you are seriously interested, though - i bought the king of all windows programming books last year, and will search it as needed.

Aaah! Code. Plus, I don’t have a program to open *.cpp files. Would VB (Visual Basic) be able to make this sort of program. I was given a CD with it on it… and a fat-ass book on it. But I don’t know if it is capable of making stuff like this; and wouldn’t know how…

I didn’t even install VB because the book was too complicated :stuck_out_tongue: looks good

What is the intent of this program?
Are you trying to avoid being idle?.. if so try jiggymouse!!!

No VB won’t compile .Cpp files. An excellent C++ tool is DEV-C++. There is literally thousands of tutorials linked on that site if you look good enough.

Also why do you want to do that?

i remember a program called EZMACROS that used to be able to create repeatable macros (and i beleive was able to compile em into exe files). but its been ages since i used it.

nice - that program looks like what you needed. hows it working out?

offtopic - <3 dev-c++

Yeah, it works. It uses macro script, but you don’t even need to know macro script. But the scripting is fairly easy (ie. I can use it :p)

Thanks for all your help, guys :slight_smile: