Create a menu on a VCD

I’ve searched around… No luck.

I have two VCD complaint MPG files. I want to make a menu. I have a picture for each video clip to use as a thumbnail. All I want to do is:

You put in the VCD. You see 2 thumbnails/images. One is for video clip 1 and the one next to it is video clip 2. You watch video clip 1 and when it finishes, it goes back to the menu.

You watch video clip 2 and when it finishes it goes back to the menu.

That’s all. No chapters or subtitles.

Any programs that can do this? And if possible, a tutorial?

Don’t know if it’s possible, but it’s possible to put those VCD complaint MPG files on a DVD using TMPGEnc DVD Author, and it’s also possible to make that kind of menu with the same program.

yea a while ago i used ulead’s dvd workshop and it worked… that was version 1…but i think there is version 2…and it should work…try downloading a trial version from but i think they also offer the kinda scaled down version…can’t remember what’s is called but u’ll find it…

i have used a few vcd menu programs, the problem is that the menus dont seem to work on standalone dvd players, only, from what i ahve found, neroshowtime wich (i guess) has a special vcd menu decoder. you would be better making a miniDVD as the menus on those work.

ben :slight_smile:

Nero itself can add a simple menu for you, just cant add your pictures, thats all. They do work though.

Sadly, I don’t have a DVD burner; so I can’t do DVDs…
But thanks anyway :smiley:

VCDEasy can do menu’s. You can goto titles or chapters, return to menu, etc. a fair bit more control than Nero offers. You have to setup the menu images in something like PhotoShop though.

Yeah, I finished it this morning with VCDEasy. I have to press the 1 and 2 buttons to start it though. But the pictures look good on it (the ones I made in Photoshop) :slight_smile:

I always used Nero the menus aren’t fancy but it is easy to make, add a pic, time, controls etc.