Create a dvd with chapters.... how?

I have Nero and have been able to make my own DVD’s but only by storing one movie on each disc!!

I have about 6 or 7 movies all between 10 and 30 minutes each.

there is about 1h 40mins in total.

I wish to have all of these on one DVD disc using the chapter method, but do not have a clue where to start.

I have all the original WMV formats and the converted MPG(2) formats as well the MPG(2) files converted to VOB files.

Please can someone tell me how I create a chaptered DVD with my movies?

I have used Blaze Media Pro to convert the file formats, except when i converted to the VOB which I used Nero.

thanks for your help.

Try using TMPGenc DVD Author or DVDLab (they both have a free 30 day trials), just load in each, add a menu and compile to DVD. Burn out with your favourite burning tool.

If you have the Nero suite, NeroVision Express will do also.

Try Video to DVD Burner,I think it can help you.


I have the same problem. I can’t get Nerovision 3 to do what I want. The only way I can get it to add a title from a previous project is to import the video from a DVD. But when it does that, it loses all the chapters from the imported title. This added title has just one big chapter.

These older DVD movies were created by removing many bad chunks of video from my movie camera. It took a long time to do it. Luckily NeroVision put a chapter at the beginning of each segment, but when I import it, they are lost.

The maddening thing is I still have the projects that created the previous DVDs. But apparently they are useless when I want to combine them.

I am liking Nero Vision less and less the more I use it. Please tell me I’m doing something wrong. It’s bad enough that it crashes or mangles my mpeg file after I remove the fifth or sixth bad chunk of video. Now this.

I guess it’s time to check out the programs suggested by ChickenMan.

I briefly helped a friend use Nero’s DVD authoring package. We quickly finsihed the project, but to me it was very apparent that Nerovision was not a very good choice for authoring DVDs (having used DVD Lab Pro for a long time).
If Nerovision supports importing chapters, you can use ChapterXtractor to extract your chapters from your previous IFOs and import the existing chapters.

It seems to me a large percentage of the questions asked in this forum have to do with Nero’s inability to perform some type of video editing/authoring. I guess sometimes the software that comes with a $30 DVD burner is not always the best one for the job…

It’s worse than that. I think I paid $50 to upgrade Nero 5 to Nero 6. I started using Nero around 1998 to burn CDs. I was running NT 4 and it had no built in CD burning capability. Nero always did the job for me, and it was fairly cheap.

As the years went by the newer Nero versions got more and more expensive. When I bought Nero 6 I didn’t know about the free EOM versions. I still don’t know what the difference is between the EOM version and the retail version I have.

Unfortunately it seems Nero Vision Express 3 can’t import chapters. It can import mpeg files which become titles but those mpeg files are raw and I would have to edit them all over again. It can import movies from DVDs and that’s better because the video is already edited, but the chapters are lost.

I’ve always liked Nero but I’m starting to rethink my position on that. :confused:

I will probably download DVD Lab Pro and try it out.