Create a bootable cd?



Hi all, I’ve downloaded a trial version if 64bit windows to my computer but stupidly saved it as a zipped file. To get rid of whats on my computers hard disk, and put the trial version windows on there, i need to make a bootable cd right, not a cd rom? I extracted the files, made an iso image with nero, then used that image to make the bootable disc, is that the right way to do it>? :confused:


It won’t work that way. There is a hidden file necessary for boot that won’t copy. You will need a tool called ISO Buster to extract Microsoft Corporation.img from the original XP cd. There are a few changes to make within Nero also. More info provided at the following link.

The above link is for making a slipstreamed cd, you can skip the first parts if your inclined.


hmm This was just a trial download that i got off the microsoft website. It has these files: in the first folder. Is there any easy way to make a bootable cd from what I have there>?


I guess it couldn’t hurt to burn an iso of that folder, I mean either the disc will boot or it won’t. THe file may already be in place if you d/l it from Microsoft.

AFAIK, an XP cd will not boot unless it has that .img file.

That page has screen captures of how Nero needs to be set to make a bootable XP disc.


why does it have to autoboot. just go in find the setup.exe file and click it. :doh:


Well that would work yes, because he already has an OS installed. If however his HDD was blank, I’m less sure how successful that would be.

Perhaps he wants to preserve his existing OS? Or maybe he doesn’t want to risk corrupting his current installation. I know I would never install a trial OS (at least a MS one :stuck_out_tongue: ) on the same partition as my current one.


The autorun file in the picture is all you need.First thing a computer checks when you insert a disk. Been that way for a long time. And autoboot into what DOS. All you gona see is an a: prompt unless you change the auto dos file to direct it to go somewhere and do something else. You can create a windows file system load but it will just lay there unless instructed to do something. If he didn’t have an OS installed I guess there would not be anything to build on would there. I do agree loading it into the primary pertition would be playing with fire. MS has never been known to be very good at removing all the unwanted parts. Even if he puts it on anothe disc drive it is still going to add files to the c:drive and the registry Would have to be a straight up duel boot and that means a reload. Trial? I wouldn’t do it :disagree: The trial was meant to build on the exsiting OS


the problem is that a friend has stupidly gone and tried to install their own polish windows xp (not 634 bit)onto a system with an AMD processor and a 64bit english windows alredy installed, Since doing that he’s f’ed up his computer and cant even get to the windows logo when starting up. He basicly just needs to wipe the hard disk clean. Is there an easy way to do that? Any help pls?