Creare cd Multigame PSX

Salve a tutti…so ke è un argomento piuttosto vekkio…ma volevo sapere se kualkuno conosceva il modo per creare cd multigame per playstation 1…vi prego ditemi ke lo sapete!!—grazie anticipatamente!

Ti consiglio anche di andare su qyalche sito che tratta nello specdifico questo argomento o di fare una ricerca con Google

Ho trovato un mio vecchio file dove però si parlo di PS2 e tu credo parlassi di PS1 :frowning:
Comunque lo allego

Ecco la guida per mettere più giochi PS2 su un singolo DVD:

Ok this is a tutorial how to “backup” multiple games 3-4 maybe 5 if there are really small(and you are lucky)or multiple PS2 CD games in one DVD disc(Single Layer).There are 2 ways to reduce the size of a game but I will not go in to this cos the 2 biggest problem is that the CDDVD gen can’t handle more than 30 files [Folders don’t count] and some times games have the same file names and this is a problem that you can solve only with a hex editor but it is not recommended.

*I haven’t tried it to dual layer disc cos Playstation 2 have problems to read them anyway…

*This is NOT a tutorial about multiple PSX games in a DVD

*The PS2 must be MODed

*This Project has been created under Win 2000 Pro for a PAL PS2(Should be the same with the NTSC) Don’t bother me about Linux or that Useless Clown called XP

*I want to thank SONIX for he’s super tools and he’s Superb site that you MUST visit.

*If you can buy 1 DVD-RW NO +RW -RW has more changes to be readable by your PS2 but to make sure make a 1to1 copy to your RW of a game to test it out and if your PS2 reads it …you are very lucky!!!

What will be needed and where to find it

1:ScanLite By Sonix (For Patching the files)

2:Apache3 Preview By Sonix (For Creating *.iso + FileList + Extracting) If you find any bugs remember ….IT’S a PREVIEW VERSION!!! ISOBUSTER Won’t work

3:DVD Decrypter or Burning your Image Setup needed)NO NERO and always slower speed as possible

4:$ony CDDVD Generator 1.5 (for Creating your image)

5:Notepad(Windows Default)

6:CDLoader (Actually is the “Select Game” menu of the disc that we are going to make)

7:Wnaspi32.dll (CDDVD Gen Needed)
It’s included with Apache3Preview
Or if you have Nero installed on your system you can copy the file from
C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero
Or If you have GameJack installed to your system from C:\Program Files\GameJack BUT you must copy the file to the System32 directory of your windows and register it.If you have Nero or Gamejack installed you don’t need to register it.
How to register: Open the “Start menu” select “Run…” and type
regsrv32 C:\winnt\system32\wnaspi32.dll and press enter… Done

8:Maybe a Dummy file maker. The Reason: Search the games Directory cos some games have large Dummy files so with a Dummy File maker you can create your own dummy files smaller to free up some space.

9:DVD-R no +R Disc(I don’t know why but for some reason PS2 doesn’t likes much DVD+R)

10:HD free Space 10GB (NTFS)

11:And finally 3-4-5 games that can feet in 4485mb

After you have download all this staff (Except the DVD-R and the 10GB) we can

For this project I will use Drive E:\ as default
CWC = Crash wrath of cortex
TAK = Tak and the power of JuJu

I have used the following 3 games(I know games for kids but small enough to feet in 1 disc)

Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex(A CD Game?Yes a CD Game Thank Sonix for that)If you Have a CD Game for PS2 You can Patch it with DVDScan and burn it to a DVD.This will make your PS2 a Happier!!
Tak & the Power of JuJu (DVD)
Ico (DVD)

Lets START!!!

STAGE 1 – File List,Creating ISO + Extracting

Open this Great tool Apache3.From the left side select your DVD device that you want to rip the game and press the Create Iso button ….keep your eyes open for read errors if you see one clean the disc and try again.

After all your iso files has been created go to your Hard Disk that you have save the iso files and create one folder for each game NO SUBFOLDERS and DO NOT USE LONG NAMES Like “E:\Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex“ keep it simple Like E:\CWC E:\TAK E:\ICO (CDDVD Gen has some problems with long names and spaces)

Back to Apache3 press “Open” and select one of the 3 images e.x. CWC open it when it is done you must create a file list of the game press the button with the pencil and the paper and a pop up window will appear promote you to save a *.txt document go to the folder that you have created before named CWC and save it.
Now press the button with the Green Arrow “Extract All” again a window will appear go select again the same folder that you have saved the File List and press OK.

Just do the same steps for every game.
After that you MUST delete the file SYSTEM.CNF from every game and you can delete the iso files(not recommended but if you have space problems do it)

If you Haven’t done it before Unrar the CDLoader to the same Hard Drive that you have the games you will find 1 image file open it with apache3 create a folder Named CDL and create a file list of CDLoader and extract the files like you did with the games in the CDL folder.Now go to the CDL folder and delete the Fifa Demo Folder.

STAGE 2 - Patching

Now open ScanLite select from CD – DVD - Restore the DVD Option and press Open and select the right or all the files from every game (read the pdf that comes with scanlite to know witch files needs patch) as usual the files that needs patch is SCES _ SCUS_ SLUS_ *.IMG *.IRX
You can select all the files and scanlite will do the job but in every file that isn’t a system file will pop up a promote to scan it or not but it safer this way and you won’t need to read the pdf
*Scan the subfolders of every game + the CDLoader

STAGE 3 – Making The Menu

Now open Notepad go to File>Open and select from file types “All files” and go to the CDLoader folder and open MSYSTEM.CNF. Or you can have notepad open and drag and drop the msystem.cnf file into notepad and

You will see this:

\MENU 1\cdrom0:\PS2LOAD.ELF;1
\MENU 2\cdrom0:\PS2LOAD.ELF;1
\MENU 3\cdrom0:\PS2LOAD.ELF;1
\MENU 4\cdrom0:\PS2LOAD.ELF;1
\MENU 5\cdrom0:\PS2LOAD.ELF;1
\MENU 6\cdrom0:\PS2LOAD.ELF;1
\MENU 7\cdrom0:\PS2LOAD.ELF;1
\MENU 8\cdrom0:\PS2LOAD.ELF;1
\MENU 9\cdrom0:\PS2LOAD.ELF;1
\MENU 10\cdrom0:\PS2LOAD.ELF;1

This is your in cd menu that means that you must be careful

In \MENU #\ Section For the first 3-4 lines type How the name of the game will appear and in the \PS2Load.elf\ Section the SCES_ SCUS_ of the the Game DO NOT FORGET TO ADD ;1 at the end e.x. my msystem.cnf file is like this
For the disc that I have made

\Crash Warth Of Cortex\cdrom0:\SLES_503.86;1
\Tak and The Power of JuJu\cdrom0:\SLUS_205.19;1
\SDF GR\cdrom0:\PS2LOAD.ELF;1

*Make sure you have 10 lines
*Characters like _-+ will not be visible
Save it and exit notepad

STAGE 4 – The Boring Job

*Make Sure You have copied the wnaspi32.dll to System32 Directory
*If you haven’t Delete the System.cnf from every game DO IT NOW!! If you add the to the directory of the CDDVD gen The Disc won’t BOOT for SURE.
*30 Files limit. Folders don’t count.Every time I have tried to add more files the disc didn’t load

Open CDDVD generator
“Create New Project”
You should see Directory
Do NOT Maximize make it as small as possible and place it to the right of your screen.
Go to the CDL folder and open the file list that you have saved before drag and drop the file as they appear in the filelist.txt to the the right side of the CDDVD Gen be super careful cos if you place the files wrong the disc wont boot plus you can’t move the files up or down after they have been dragged in to the CDDVD Generator so you must be Extra Careful.
After you have drag all the files of the CDLoader it’s time to add you games you must place by the order that you have place them in the MSYSTEM.CNF in my case Crash after Tak and finally ICO
Open the FileList.txt and drag the Game files by the order that you see them in your filelist.txt Don’t worry about the files in the subfolders 99% there are shorted by name by default.
*If two games has the same directory name(very rare)just put all the files to the same folder but keep the right order.
*If two games have the same file…you can’t do anything
*If 2 or 3 games have the same dummy file you can delete them and leave just 1.When I mean the same Dummy file I mean exactly the same including the extension cos almost all the games have a dummy file but in some games is Dummy.000 in other Dummy.dat … this is what you should check and place the dummy file to the bottom.

When you have done this press the “Volume“ tab in the column “DISC NAME” type the SCES or SLUS or SLES or what ever is from the first game that you have added. In my case is crash and the file is SLES.In the 2nd column type the number of the SLES in my case 50386 don’t try typing _ or . you can’t anyway
Select you License Area
Volume identifier> Volume Anything you like e.x I have typed Created_By_SDF_GR
PRESS FILE >SAVE AS…> Give a Name and Save it(Just in Case).
I don’t believe that you have enjoyed dragging all this files to the CDDVD Gen)

STAGE 5 – Creating the ISO 1/2

Press the Rec button a popup window will appear promoting you to save a *.iml file.
If you have your Files in e.x. in my case E:\CDL E:\CWC E:\ICO E:\TAK you should select E:\ give a short name Like the first letter of every game in my case CTI and press save you will receive 2 errors that is normal Don’t Panic!!
1st Recording unit not connected
2nd Initialization Failed
A new window will appear
Just press File > Export Image again a new window will appear promoting you to save *.lst file.
Select again the same HDISK that the games are saved and for one more time do not save it to subfolder or folder save straight to e.x. E:\ disk give the same name as the *.iml in my case CTI and save it. Shit back and wait.
When this is over you will find 3 or 4 in my case 5 it depends by the size of the project files to the destination disk named CTI.000 CTI.001 CTI.002 CTI.003 CTI.004
Close CDDVD Gen

STAGE 6 – Creating the ISO 2/2

DO NOT USE IML2ISO Fat System 2Gb Limitation
Open the Start menu click run type cmd press enter and a command window will appear and you should see this (This is for rookies)
If you have saved your *.lst to E Drive you should type E: and press enter and you will see this
Now type exactly and don’t forget always hit the space key after Copy,after /B and before and after +:
Copy /B CTI.000 + CTI.001 + CTI.002 + CTI.003 + CTI.004 PLEASEBOOT.ISO

Shit Back and relax until your iso is completed
Type exit and press enter

STAGE 7 – Final Round

Open DVD Decrypter(Best Software to back up your PS2 DVD games)
Press Mode>ISO>Write
Select the source file “PLEASEBOOT.ISO”
Select the SLOWER Recording speed as possible(You should always use 4X speed when it is about Backing up PS2 games) and press the icon with the HDD>>DVD or File > Write
Sit Back and wait your iso to burn………. Hear The Music…

vi ringrazio per le risposte…maa su google ho già cercato e NIENTE…per la seconda risposta…non credo valga la stessa cosa per ps1!!..porca pupazza…magari provo e vedo kosa succederà …vi ringrazio ancora.-.