*Creams Pants*



Just frickin’ wow.

What are you trying to link to?

edit: 50 pack of Verbatim 16x -R for $18.55? Is that it? Good price, about typical for sale prices here in the U.S. (after conversion). If that makes you ‘cream your pants’, well… :doh:

Verbatim 16x DVD-R for $18.55 Canadian.

that’s about $16.50 or so U.S.

And I did a check at VideoHelp, and the only DVD-R Verbatims are MCC and Yuden, both of which I’ve heard good things about.

Yes they are good discs (I prefer the +R MCC04 but the -R are good as well). I don’t know what kind of prices you normally find them on sale for in Canada, but it’s a good price.

The best deal I’ve found online is $15/each for 50 pack of HPs at BestBuy…HPs are okay, but I heard these are much better.

Hehehe…nice title, but I bet it gets changed to something relevant to the thread contents :bigsmile:

In 16x media, yes these are better. BTW, this post belongs in the Bargain forum, and I’m sure it will be moved there. I’m sure someone will appreciate your post though.

Arachne, do you have the super-human powers to move this to the Bargain Basement forum where it will be better spotted by someone that can benefit from it? :stuck_out_tongue:

It just tells me to put in a canadian post code

Nope, that’s Franck’s or one of the other Blank Media mods’ domain. :slight_smile:

Yeah, if you enter a Canadian postal code it will then show the item.

aha… i dont know any canadian post codes…

So the media forum is sort of your planet Kryptonite? Mere mortal. :stuck_out_tongue: (ok that was really stupid :smiley: )

Neither do I, but Yahoo did. :stuck_out_tongue:

(soon all of my worthless posts in this thread will be deleted) :cop:

just so other people dont have to look around, heres a canadian postcode;

M4P 2H7

ROTFL :bigsmile:


I’m not curious now, Scoobie and the OP said what the link was supposed to be to :slight_smile:

Now I really should go to the US, the best price for 50 Verbatim DVD±R I can get here is € 19.98… :frowning:

I just bought 2 packs of 50 and ran a CD-DVD Speed on them.

They’re MCC03RG20s!!! Wow…That’s the best next to TY!

If you’re talking about 16x media, it’s even better than TY, at least for current drives and firmware, because of the lacking firmware support for TYG03 and YUDEN000 T03.

On the subject of T03: The LG4163 burns it excellently with the latest A106 firmware. When I was using A105, results were…mediocre.

Back to the original discs…if you have a scanning-capable drive, be nice to see some scans :slight_smile: