CRC Read Error

While trying to backup a DVD, I get a processing error / Data error / Bad CRC, 87% of the way through the read. Clone DVD won’t go any further even though I hit retry several times. Do I need to go back to the manufacturer to see if they will replace the disk?

When I play it on my DVD player, it hiccups (pauses for a few seconds), and then continues. Is there a way to get Clone DVD to bypass the error and continue reading (and then writing) like the DVD player does?

When I look very carefully, I can see a 15 degree arc where it looks like something lightly scratched the surface.


You can use VobBlanker or iso buster to pass over the bad section of the disc but you will loose that part of the disc. It might also be possible to read it with a good reading drive like a Liteon 1693 drive.

Hey Sly,

You need to “buff” your scratch area … I do it all the time … if the scratch has not gone thru the plastic and got to the metal (recording) layer.

Use toothpaste and very gently rub from the center of the DVD toward the edge … if as you say teh Scratch is a RADIUS (CURVE) going in the circular way then very GENTLY go in the direction of the cirular scatch … basically you are resurfacing the plastic … then clean with damp cloth with water or light cleaner or windex …

A little messy but it should work … don’t even waste your time and money on teh expensive gadget being sold in the store … like Fix it this and that.

Please post here again and let me know if it worked for you.


Thanks for the idea, but it didn’t work. I think the scratch is too deep. I used a gentle toothbrush, and I can see some effect on the surface. It would have been better if I’d just used a QTip.

I can’t figure out how the scratch could have happened–reading DVDs is a non-contact operation, isn’t it?

When I looked at the surface with a magnifying glass, it looks like something skated over a small piece of the surface while the disk was rotating.

Don’t use any more toothpaste, for pete’s sake. It’ll just scratch more. Do you live near a Video Ezy or Blockbuster dvd rental place? If you do find out if they have a commercial buffing machine. At my rental shop down here in Australia I can get a disk buffed to perfection by the machine for 2 bucks…worth every penny and it’s often got me out of strife when it came to CRC errors caused by scratches and disk imperfections.

Thanks. I’ll check them out, but it will have to be later. I’ve run out of time on this project.

Sly my man you can bypass a crc by downloading dvdregoinfree59 and installing it the crc is caused by the css encryption on the dvd,dvdregionfree59 cracks the css protection on the cd.

If it comes without a protection and you get crc errors, it’s time for kernel panic…

Hi Sly,

Sorry … that I did not mention to just use your finger … you have a better control and works much better …