CRC on DVD-rom but Not DVD-burner

I have been having problems with my dvd-r burns. The dvd’s burn correctly, but when I put the media in my DVD-rom(LF DVD8160b) It Has CRC errors in the lastfile. All file on my dvd are avi files and they can play off the dvd but I can’t move themback on to the Hard drive without the error. Sometimes if I open the DVD-ROM and close it again the file will copy. The dvd-r works perfectly on the DVD-burner.
If anyone know how to solve this I would appreciate it. My DVD burner is a sony dw-u14a

I could be that the burn quality is marginal. Discs tend to read better in the drive they were written in. Your reader can’t read as well so it is “iffy” on the worst areas. Change your media. Use DVD-Speed to scan your burns to check burn quality. That’s why so many people use LiteOn drives–in order to use K-Probe and scan for burn quality.

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I ran cddvdspeed2000 and analized acouple of my dvd-r’s.
When I tested the disks under the burner all the information was correct, but when i ran it under my dvd-rom it was seeing all the disks as .65gb’s when the burn size for the disk 4.2gbs. This happened with everyone of my dvd-r’s

Does CDDVDSpeed2000 show you C1 and C2 errors? Did you try Nero toolkit? (CD-SPEED)? If you look at the DVD-R test forums here on cdfreaks, you will see that many DVD-Rs don’t burn that well and the error rate is super-high. Discs like that are very iffy and don’t read well on many readers. It could also be that your reader just doesn’t like the type of dye on your DVD-Rs, or that it’s simply a little defective. To troubleshoot the problem first you have to verify if your DVD-Rs are written well. If you don’t have access to any other computers, you can buy another DVD reader–such as a Lite-On XJ-HD166S, they only cost $30 including shipping and then you can use K-Probe to analyze the quality of you DVD-Rs. Search for “166 dvd”

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