Crc errors



Getting crc errors while trying to install any game > I have pc check 6.0 so i tested my ram and mother board everything passes except when i run a stress test on my board it says that memory fails but when i test the memory by its self it checks out fine not sure on what to do can someone help please

mother board is msi intell
ram muscin 4gigs
socket 775
video card is geforce 8800gts
running windows 7 home


Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I too had a similar problem, with RAM giving randomly errors when tested. The only way I was able to solve this problem is a new mainboard :doh:

A possible cause of this problem, however, is also that you are overclocking too much your system. If you don’t set properly RAM voltages, memories cannot work, and you’ll get random malfunctioning. Try to restore all default values in BIOS or to reduce a bit the overclocking. This should solve :slight_smile:


Your drive could be slowly dieing or you just may have a bad cable to the drive. Try replacing the cable first.


To properly test the RAM you should use Memtest86+, you boot your system into memtest and it needs to run for a couple hours, you can cancel it at any time (ESC), if there are any errors they show in RED.

If there are errors you either have to adjust their voltage (adding a small amount then testing them again) or you have to loosen their timmings to something like 5-5-5-15.

If your RAM tests fine, then it could be your HDD on its way out.


First thing i would never overclock my system the one thing i dont under stand is i ran a test on my hard drive it passed. Im confused becouse when i test just the ram it passes but when i do a stress test on it thats when it seems to fail. I took my pc in to memory express becouse all under waranty nothen seems to fail. The tec ran 196 passes on my ram. I will buy a new hard drive and try that what is a good drive it has to be saTA. I will all so try memtest as well. Thanks for your advice…

Where do i go to change ram speed???