Crc errors



Hi there. I guess people stopped looking at my old thread so i’ll start a new one. So whenever i try to install anything i get constant crc error messages. A couple of weeks ago i used a lense cleaner and the problem went away for a couple of days, but now its back.
So my question is what else can cause crc errors besides a scratched disk , or the dvd drive failing. because i know its not either of those reasons.

I hope someone can help


i wonder if something in your PC has become unreliable like your RAM etc.

a decent idea i would consider is running Prime95’s ‘torture test’ to see if your PC is stable after hours of constant use (i.e. no errors or warnings) … usually though from what i hear if it’s going to fail it will fail probably within 30min-1hour or so.

if it passes that and you still get errors i cant say for sure but a format of the PC and fresh windows installation might not be a bad idea… especially if it’s been years since u last did it or if your PC is loaded down with all kinds of software etc etc.

p.s. im just assuming your right and that your burner and discs are fine.


well my computer is left on most of the time. could that be causing the problem? if it was shut down for a while could that fix the problem?

its a brand new disk, no scratches, and i just bought the dvd drive


With being on all the time you could have a heat problem because your fans are dirty or bad. Get a can of air and blow out the dust in the fans and in the cpu heatsink.


well i leave my PC on all the time to and i dont really have issues although if you never clean it i suppose that could be a potential issue… but if that’s the case the CPU must be really hot.

if your PC is left on 24/7/365 i would AT LEAST clean it out twice a year! … preferably with a air compressor.

all in all i would still run that Prime95 program cause if that shows errors that could be why you getting corrupted data with CRC errors etc… especially if you know the data was fine and then you burned to disc and tried reading it later and it’s acting up.

cause the Prime95 is designed to stress test your PC (basically the CPU/PSU/RAM etc)