Crc errors when burning dvd movies



hi i’m new to the forum, but i’ve tried searching for the answer before posting. i hope you guys can help. i was trying to shrink a couple dvds on my px-716A 1.06 but i wasn’t able to get past the CRC errors. does anyone know how to get around these errors so it’ll allow me to burn the dvd ? thanks.



rip with DVD Decrypter then use DVD Shrink…


i tried that as well dvd decrypter first… but it just kepted retrying around 10-20 tries :sad: thanks for your fast reply


If your drive encounters a CRC error while reading the DVD then there isn’t a lot you can do about this. A CRC error simply means that the disc is damaged and that the drive cannot read from the disc. The only things I can suggest you try is to clean the disc and try again. If the Plextor still cannot read the disc you could try ripping it with another drive or at a lower speed. If this still fails then your source disc is too damaged and you should look for a new one. Good luck!


check the option “Ignore Read Errors”! :wink:

Checking Ignore Read Errors will result in DVD Decrypting just skipping sectors it can’t read.


thanks for your help guys :slight_smile: i really appreicate it… i’ll give ignore read errors a try too thanks again

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