CRC Errors on Installs (Not just from optical drive)

Hi all,

A friend of mine has developed a nasty problem with his system. About 90% of the time when we try to install new software, whether it’s via the original discs or through an emulated image (both proven to work fine on my system), we receive a CRC error and the installer exits. I’ve tried installing from a dvd-rom across the network (my system), and also tried swapping out the IDE cables. I’ve checked for viruses and spy/adware, and confirmed that there are none. The system was even just recently reformatted. Any suggestions/advice from some of you experienced gurus would be greatly appreciated. I’m really just hoping the hard drive’s not shot. Again, certain software/discs will install, but 90% of them exit with a crc error. Here are his basic system specs just for reference:

AMD Athlon XP Barton 2500+
MSI K7N2 Delta-L Mobo
1GB Geil PC3200 RAM
Maxtor 200GB HD
Lite-On 16x DVD/CDRW Combo Drive
ATI Radeon X850
Windows XP Home Edition w/SP2

Problem solved. Bad RAM. :frowning: