CRC errors on install..?




Everytime i try and install an program from an CD image, half way through he install its crashes out with a CRC error. This occurs on a lot of my files, however, these files install fine on other peoples machines.

Ive tried turning the reading speed down wih no avail. Does anyone have any idea as to why they won’t install, could it be something to do withthe hardware?

Machine Specs:
AMD 3200+
1 Gig RAM
DFI Lanparty Mother Board
using SATA drives
Radeon 9600XT 256

Any ideas? please…


Ite and welcome to the forums!

What game/program are you installing ?
What CD reader do you have?

You lens could be dogey, picking up ‘bad sectors’ on the disk.

Are you using any twin-peaked cds?

Detail detail detail!!!


A CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) is basically an unrecoverable read error. Try reading at lower speeds. Also is the media you are reading from a CD-R/CD-RW or a pressed(original) CD?