CRC errors on burned DVDs? Bad media, bad drive?

I got a brand spankin’ new NEC ND-2510A. I’ve burned plenty of discs, with no problems reading them until today. I now get CDC errors on about 75% of the files. I initially suspected the drive was bad, as all of the sudden it stopped being able to read my burned discs. The thing is, the drive reads commercial DVD movies just fine.

Reading my burned DVDs on my Pioneer DVD-105S is no problem, which makes me think that perhaps the media is screwy.

Has anyone else had problems with NEC drives, or perhaps OptoDisc DVD media? I’m kinda stumped about what is going on.

My money’s on bad media - try a good brand such as Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, Ritek, Sony, Ricoh, etc.

Sorry, I meant to say that reading the discs in my Pioneer results in abnormally slow read rates, although the data is fine.

I will definitely give different media a try, however I don’t quite understand how even cheap media could spontaneously deteriorate.

I had a similar problem in my Pioneer - I was running both AnyDVD & DVD Region-Free. As soon as I disabled Region-Free, it ran fine again - only on certain discs, too.