CRC error on data files backup disc

i have p4 2.0ghz with 512 RAM, running on win xp pro (sp2 integrated). my dvd-r is LG (GL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4163B)
i have some really important documents, including PDF files, pps, and videos, and i burned them using nero on x4 speed (the max speed is x16)
while burning, the buffer (the one below the main buffer) was going between 92-100%.
when i tried to copy that dvd to another computer, i encountered with CRC error! I tried few times and still it’s not working. then i try to use ISObuster, but still nothing! it says it’s corrupted! :frowning:

what sould i do?? i really need to backup these documents!!! :sad:

Burning at 4x was probably a bad idea. 12x is usually good for 16x discs.

Also, that 4163B loves quality media. Can you run CD-DVD Speed (found in the Nero Toolkit, or you can download it by clicking the link in blue), pop the troublesome disc in, and tell us the MID Info?

This can be found under the “Disc Info” tab in CD-DVD Speed.

I suspect it’s a media problem. Try and find someone with a LiteOn drive to retrieve those files :frowning:

hey Arachne,
thanks for replying. my MID is MCC 03RG20 (the manufacturer is Verbatim) and I bought this in a pack of 50 DVDs.
what is a LiteOn drive?


Hi Tom :slight_smile:

Well, Verbatim is quality media…could be that burning it at 4x caused the problem, or you just got a bad disc.

LiteOn make CD/DVD drives and burners…they’re well known for being very tolerant of errors on a disc, whereas the 4163B can be shall we say…a picky reader. :wink:

but if i burn cd/dvd faster than x4 my buffer is going below 90% (there are two buffers in nero, i mean the one which is found lower)
is that safe? sometimes even the upper buffer is not 100%…
what should i do?

You can try: using an 80-wire IDE cable (ask in any computer store), and closing down any programs that aren’t needed (I even shut down my anti-virus, but I keep my firewall on).

Those are two things I can think of, others might have some more suggestions :slight_smile: