CRC error? But my disks are new!

Hi all,

I’m very new and banging my head against the wall, trying to figure out how to get to use some software from 3 different makers that I paid for, and expected to be able to install with no problem. It’s really irritating me, because I had a computer for about 5 years that never once gave me trouble, and I decided to upgrade so I could play a couple of the games on the market. Now I can hardly get any of the things I really wanted to install loaded successfully on my new PC, and have almost decided not to buy anything new for it. It’s extremely irritating, though, because I spent a lot of time trying to find out what a good system might look like, and had a custom PC company design one for me. Hardly does any good, though, since it won’t run most of the software I want to use on it.

The main problem I’m getting at the moment is a lot of CRC errors when I try to install. I’m hoping someone here can clue me in to what steps I need to take to solve this.

These all produce CRC errors installing from optical media, and in cases where I tried it, also when copied onto the HDD and installed from there:

World of Warcraft (despite the fact that I successfully installed this twice prior to a major computer crash)

Elder Scrolls Oblivion

Baldur’s Gate 2 (I have both a CD-ROM version and a DVD version, and they both produce CRC errors)

These were installed successfully from optical media:
Neverwinter Nights; Guild Wars; Kaspersky AntiVirus; ITunes; PCDoctor; drivers and software for an HP printer

The drive reads music CD’s as well as regular DVD’s, and can burn disks okay.

I have searched and searched for explanations and ideas about how to troubleshoot this, and have found the following. I hope someone here will tell me which of the ideas below are likely explanations of the problem.

Disks are bad - except that they are all brand new disks, and I took special care not to damage them knowing that my drive might be overly sensitive to media

Optical drive is damaged - thinking that this might be the case I went out and sank another 150 dollars to buy a new optical drive by a different maker… and still crc errors

Cables are loose (connecting optical drive, or connecting hard drive) - I don’t have the skill and know how to open my pc to check this, and don’t want to void the warranty (when I asked the shop where my pc is from, though, they said confidently that crc errors are from bad disks… which I strongly doubt)

Drive speed is too fast for an old game (BG2) (at first I thought that this might be the case, so I bought an optical drive that runs at a lower speed with CD-ROMs… but this is unlikely… I successfully installed BG1, and also, my BG2 I tried installing both from original version disks as well as a DVD-ROM version designed for an 8x DVD drive, and got crc errors in every case)

Memory speed should be set to 100MHz rather than 133 in BIOS settings - I don’t know the first thing about BIOS… this could be an issue, but if I play with that am I going to kill my computer?

Disable “read ahead” and DMA - again, I don’t know anything about either of these… I have seen several posts saying that this might work to get rid of crc errors, but is this something that could somehow damage my computer?
Install in Safe Mode - I’ve never owned software that can only be installed in safe mode, and it seems odd to me. My experiences with safe mode have only ever been when my computer is in the process of dying, and I’m afraid of killing my PC. Will installing programs in safe mode somehow hurt my system?

I should mention that my PC, which is now about 2 months old, has already had one major crash which was apparently caused by bad RAM. Prior to that, I was able to install Warcraft successfully. Later on, my computer died, and required a reinstallation of Windows. This was done by the professionals at the company where I bought the computer. Since then, though, I haven’t been able to install Warcraft, which before ran with no troubles whatsoever. The disks were not damaged in the meantime.

Thank you for any insights you can provide. I haven’t posted system info because I’m running Japanese Windows (making this more difficult for me to troubleshoot), but I can tell you that my computer is running an Intel Dual-Core Processor, an nVidia 8800GTS, has 2 Gigs of RAM (supposed to be 2 sticks, dual channel, 800MHz), 320 Gig HDD, ASUS P5B Motherboard, HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H42N SCSI Drive. It also has software installed to run a Xacti camera.

Sorry for the long post, and thank you for taking the time to read it.

And your Operating System is :confused: Windows What :confused:

Sorry… My OS is Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 OEM, SP2

@ my_drive_troubles,

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Just because a Game Disk is new out of the box does not guarantee that the Game Disk is not in fact defective and doesn’t contain CRC errors.

In this day of mass-produced Disk it is not usual for a manufacture to turn out defectively manufactured Game Disks. In the Commercial DVD Movie scene there are numerous defectively manufacture DVD Movie Disks.

Before jumping through hoops suggest that you if fact ensure that your new out of the box Game Disk is not defective. Suggest attempting to install the suspect Game Disk on another computer and see what happens.


Thank you for the quick response, and point taken! I will certainly keep in mind that it may be the disks that are damaged. The thing that makes me wonder about it is that I’m getting CRC errors on new disks from 3 different makers. Of course, it could be that I’m just really unlucky with disks, but it seems like a lot to me since I’ve literally never encountered this problem prior to getting this PC.

Another thing that made me wonder is that I got CRC errors on a disk which I have used successfully a number of times on my older computer. Unfortunately at the moment, I can’t test my disks on another computer. This new computer is the only one I have access to that I can work with (few of my friends here have computers, and I can’t install these on my work computer). I no longer have the old computer to work with.

I will certainly keep your advice in mind, though, and if I get the chance I will give it a try!

Replace the ide cable(s).

Replace the RAM.

Thank you to everyone who replied to this thread, and sorry for the wait on updating what has happened since posting. Right after my last post, I started getting blue screens and error messages in event viewer that didn’t make sense to me. It turned out that it was a memory issue, which I wasn’t expecting since I had just had the memory replaced less than a month before this all started. It didn’t even occur to me to check it since I assumed they would have thoroughly tested it before sending it back to me.

The company that made the computer (I think) didn’t check what RAM would work with the motherboard, and I think that was causing all the trouble. Computer is running without any glitches now, and I have been able to install everything.

Thank you all for the help!