Crc - Cyclic Redundacy Check - Not A Dirty Disk?



Good Morning,

I’d like to start by saying I’ve been backing up my DVD’s using a variety of methods depending on the disk protection. DVDShrink, DVDDecrypter, and a few others. I’ve been doing this for a couple years now, and have come across most of the issues anyone has posted to the forum.

I have never found a retail disk that cannot be copied, though some are more finicky than others. Now, onto the problem. My “standard” procedure involves ripping the disk with DVDShrink to the harddrive, using Nero Recode to compress, and then Nero Burning Rom to burn.

Why do I get a CRC error on more than half of the backups? The backups will play in my Sony DVD player, however cannot be re-copied. I’ve mastered 100’s of discs using this method.

These discs are not dirty, they are not scratched. This is not a firmware problem, or a crap media problem. I do not burn the dvd’s too fast, and this is not a computer resource issue. From what I’ve managed to read in various places on the web, everyone says it’s one of these problems, “we’ve all tried… get a new copy of the original.”

This is not the problem!!! I suspect the problem has to do with the sector padding between the .ifo files and the .bup files. I read a web article (unfortunately can’t find the link) that states this might be the issue. From what I can remember there is supposed to be a 16kb gap between the .ifo file and its .bup counterpart, using the various compression tools elimnates this gap causing a CRC error on the computer.

What setting can be modified in any of the programs to up the gap to 32kb between files? This I think will solve the problem.


Despite what you may think, the gap (or lack of it) is NOT the problem.