CRC changes on data burn (Reads back fine though)

This is puzzling me.

I write a CD using Nero I tick the verification option and it verifies the data written. It fails!

OK so I copy the data back to hard disk to test. It copies it all without a problem. I do a CRC check on the original file and compare it against the file on the CD and the copy on the hard disk from the CD.

The one on the CD has a different CRC to the original file. The copy of the file from the CD has the same CRC as the CD file which I would expect.

So the file has changed from the original to the CD basically. Yet I get no error copying the file back. It reads back fine. If it’s data then surely the file either has an error or not? If there is an error surely it would not copy back? The only thing I can think of is the file gets corrupted while being burned but it still does the actual burning correctly (It’s just you now have a corrupted file on a disc that reads back OK).


How about doing a C1/C2 error scan on the disc?

I’ve had similar experiences before with my Lite-On 163 DVD-rom,

Had some Vivastar CD-R’s which i only burned 2 years ago but were almost fubared in that short time, stored in jewel-cases in a dark place.

The Lite-On allowed me to copy the files back to my HD with Windows Explorer but they failed the CRC verification check i use for my non-compressed data files.

Had to resort to using my Pioneer 106 to read the files back. The files passed the CRC verification using the Pioneer to read but not with the Lite-On.

       Your theory sounds like the most logical explanation, no idea about how to fix it though. A Re-install of Nero maybe & some test burns on a CD-RW?

I’ll keep an eye on things. I reflashed the BIOS (VIA crap) and gave the ribbon cable a fiddling. Let XP redetect some crap and tried again. Burned OK this time and verified OK. But I will not know yet. Need to do some more burns when I have some stuff and test one stage at a time.

Even with the ‘fiddiling with cables and OS’ made it come good, the general consensus for read results and burn issues where Lite-On is concerned seem to indicate to me at least that the Lite-On’s are untrustworthy cheap crap - but that is just my opinion and one that will bring on ridicule.

They are cheap and offer P0/P1 testing, but I do not trust them for write quality nor read ability.

Come on flamers. Stick up for Lite-On :wink:

My posting of my experience’s with the Lite-On DVD-rom weren’t a complaint about the general read ability of Lite-On’s, rather it was just an illustration of the fact that you can’t trust Windows file copying abilities. I would of used my Lite-On CD burner to copy the files back but it wasn’t connected at the time. Burners usually have the best error correction abilities in my experience.

Just because a file copies ok in Windows, it doesn’t mean the file is neccesarily 100% ok, in the case’s where your dealing with damaged media, anyway.

            Having used a few different makes of Burners over the years, i would say the Lite-On's are as good as Any other brand of Burner, including the mighty Plextor & give some fantastic C1 values with the right media (ie TY) :).

              Lite-On's DVD burners may have some write quality issues at the moment BUT so do 99% of other burner makes it seems with the exception of Pioneer.

hey icey lite-on’s are one of the best cd-writers may be the older one’s have some bugs in them but the newer one’s are much better to asus lg an sony.