Crazy Ticking Sounds: Nero and CDex Both Not Working

I noticed this problem some time ago, but up until now have decided to ignore it.

The main program I use for burning CD’s is Nero 6 Ultra and for DVD’s I use DVD Shrink along with ImgBurn. It’s rare that I’ll decide to make a copy of an audio CD, for a friend or whatever, but I noticed some time I ago that whenever I did try doing this the disc would come out with each track being nothing but a maddening, repetitive TICKING sound. The same would happen whenever I would try and copy the tracks from the disc to my hard drive so I figured it was a problem with Nero and decided to download CDex. That ended up working fine for a while, but now (after installing my DVD burning stuff and VLC media player) whenever I try to even open CDex I get the “CDEx has encountered a problem and needs to close” message and I’m forced to close it. Gah! I tried uninstalling and reinstalling CDex altogether, but the problem still remains. Nero in the meantime is still giving me nothing but MP3’s of that same annoying clicking sound. I should note that I can BURN audio CD’s just fine, I just can’t save tracks from them on to my hard drive. What gives? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

You could try an earlier or later version of CDex or give one of these a whirl.

I just broke down and installed a newer version of Nero and it solved the problem. Oh well, thanks!