Crazy speeds




just copied my first game with clonecd 4 beta 30 (warrior kings, laserlok protection) and i noticed the speedometer. great new feature but is it accurate?

for reading i was getting 4922kb/s, but it should be around 7200 (bit worried!!)

but what's really strange is that for writing it got up to 7659kb/s when the drive can only do up to 6000

im using a liteon 40125s, any suggestions?




I also was caught off guard by speeds relative to what you are talking about. I got the same burner but what Airhead tells me is that the CloneCD Speedometer isnt accurate.


Same here. I have the LiteOn 32x and I was writing at 39.98x! I thought them accidently gave me a better drive, but then I found at it was just wrong.



thanks for your replies