Crazy Soon to be ex-wife

I’m in the middle of getting a divorce, and my soon to be ex-wife, contacted an old girl friend of mine who is a great hacker. Stay with me, cause this is a great story. Yesterday, I noticed that there was $800.00 missing from my wallet. When I got up this morning, I noticed that the soon to be ex was in the shower. So, I went looking through her purse to see if she had my money. I found two CD’s in her purse, so I decided to snag them to see what she had on them (I caught her stealing files from my pc a few days ago, a locked out her access). She called the police, who came and stated that it was community property, and that there was nothing that she could do, but she did say on tape, that I had just taken these CD’s this morning (01/19/07). When I got to work, I decided to have a co-worker watch everything I was doing. When I inserted the CD, there were file names on there which coincided exactly with file names which I had created on my computer at work (I created these files from scratch on 1/9/07). When I opened the files on the CD, they had the exact same information as my files at work (I work at a government agency). The date on the files on the CD, were 1/18/07. I know that my soon to be ex, contacted the ex girl friend, and had her hack into my work computer and steal the files. I have a chain of custody for the CD, and the reading of the CD. When I called her on her prank, she still refuses to admit that she did this. This girl lies better than anyone I know. I think she even believes herself. Talk about guts! Wow!

Advice: Stop living with a crazy person and move on…unless you like real life soap operas.

And hacking into a government computer can get the to be ex and the ex girfriend in a big jam.

Was there at least some boobies in the files?

Ouch! Move out… QUICKLY!!!
Sounds like it’s destructive and stressful for both of you - the sooner you put the whole relationship behind you, the better :iagree:

That situation begs the question … are you losing your memory?

Perhaps you burnt the CD’s so you could work on them at home, and asked her to put them in her purse after she picked you up from work :wink:

While the PC and CD media itself could be considered “community property” (acquired during a marriage), it would be impossible for her to claim “community property” on those files. She can lie all she wants, but anyone else that would see file names and contents exactly that of those at your work computer would see she got those and would be in trouble regardless of what she said to the contrary.

Good luck on getting that finalized a.s.a.p. :eek:

Damn straight. They get bent out of shape if you even send an off color e-mail to someone over their network, I don’t even wanna think about what they will do to someone stealing/reading their files. :eek:

[B]So…let me get all this straight:[/B]

-Your soon to be ex-wife contacted an ex-girlfriend. [How did you find that out?]

-You remove property (CDs) from your soon to be ex-wife’s purse because you are looking for money you think she may have stole from you. [If I thought someone took $800, I would not give a dam about CDs…I would be too pissed about the $800 to care]

-You take the CDs to work and for some reason feel that you need a “co-worker to watch everything” as you access the CD. [Sounds like you must have suspected something illegal or information of a highly secret or delicate nature on the CD/s you took from her purse…why did you suspect this?]

-You say “I have a chain of custody for the CD, and the reading of the CD”. [I’m a little confused…so the physical CD is your/government agencies property…not just the contents? What was the purpose of saying your ex-girlfriend is a great hacker? I thought you where implying that the soon to be ex-wife used your ex-girlfriends hacker skills to get the files…]

-If your soon to be ex-wife stole CD/s with files from a government agency (your work), why would she report the missing “stolen” property to the police…which could implicate herself in a serous crime?

-Why would you leak information on the Internet about the theft of government property to a bunch of people you will never know?

-Isn’t it true you made all this up?

[B]…welcome to the wonderful world of a small sample (and I mean small sample) of the questions that may come from court hearings…via the result of a nasty divorce in which both sides try to get the other side into trouble with the law![/B] :iagree: :bigsmile: :iagree:

[B]The Prof. is giving you excellent advice…[U]take it[/U]![/B]

:iagree: I know I usta run a small 50 PC LAN for Sam and gave many a break, off color emails, visiting porn sites etc. before ECS took over the networks at the installation I was at. I warned everybody before ECS took over, I don’t think ECS people will give ya a break like I do so cut it out now.

Hell no they won’t. :frowning:

I didn’t think they would :frowning: . I’ve been retired a lil over 27 months now and I think I just rememebered it’s EDS and not ECS like I originally posted.

harley2ride, could probably get both gals in trouble with Uncle Sam if he wanted too, especially if the docs were classifed in any way or sensitive unclassified even. We hadda mark all the backup tapes with labels and keep the secret stuff in a safe. The safe and the secret classified computers were kept in a room with access controled by swiping in with a card and inputting a PIN.

just shoot her! :iagree:

@-=m@rsZ=- - if that was a joke, then some people might find it offensive. Please try to think before you post…

IMO, Harley is better staying on the right side of the law on this one, if he wants any leg to stand on. Which means no injuring or killing anyone :wink:

Harley…dude sounds like you got a poor psychotic soon to be ex…who know nothing about computers but tons about where to get some shopping money

lol, funny :slight_smile:

I think that women are just born with the genes for that

That was the funniest joke.

I like that one SS… I finally got her out of my house this weekend. YAHOO! When I got home, I found that she had deleted all of the MY DOCUMENTS folder from my pc. All my old family photos and documents. Thank god I have BADCOPY PRO… I removed the PC’s from the house, until I can ensure that she can’t come back in, and then, I’ll see what I can recover. I also found that she had shutdown the firewalls on both of my PC’s. Interesting, since I just changed all the passwords, password protected my CA Security Suite, and booted up with F8, and changed the ADMIN password as well. That ex-girlfriend of mine is one good hacker!

It’s my house! I’m working on getting her out!

Definately 100 percent sure that no CD was burned by me… Also no emailed attachments. Plus, when I got home, she had deleted the My Documents folder from my PC. Does that sound like someone who is innocent?