Crazy Question

I recently purchased a 1650. Not too happy with the results on the mcc 004 at 16x as many are. They burn ok at 12x and probably lower.

My question is why so many of you burn at 8x on a 16x burner. And more importantly, I see many posts where many of you have “retired” perfectly working 8x-12x burners for a 16x burner only to burn at 8x.

I was simply curious as to what is gained by purchasing a newer burner (16x) and intentionally burning at a slower speed. In my case, in retrospect, it seems that my old nec 2500a did an adequate job burning cdr’s at 32x and dvd’s at 8x.

Is there some other aspect such as reading in Nero, etc… that justifies buying a 16x burner, even if the cost is very reasonable at the moment?

I’m not trying to be a wise guy with this inquiry. Just trying to gain some insight and determine if there is more that I could be doing with the 1650 than what I did previously with a slightly slower burner.

I justify it because it is one of my few hobbys that actually cost money :slight_smile:

Heck $50 every 3-5 months to get a new burner, I don’t think that is so bad.

I burn all my 8x and 16x media at 12x with great results.

It’s a good question.
We can find an answer when we compare the maximum speed a car can reach at the speed we use them even on highways.

We can also have a look on the scans shown in the threads of this forum devoted to fast burning. Most burns are to dump to the bin.

I think it’s easier do a quality burn at 8X with a 16X burner than with a 8X burner.
16X or 18X are too fast to ensure good quality with present harware and media.

Well 8x media are often cheaper then 16x media. The vast majority of burners burn even 16x media with better quality at 8x (or perhaps 12x) then 16x. The time difference is not really that great so unless your some sort of DVD mass producer, it’s not really that great an issue for many people. Also, in a number of cases, especially if you continue using your computer while burning, 16x might be a little too fast so it may just be frequently stopping and starting. Even if you use a resonably sized, e.g. 128mb secondary buffer this is not uncommon. It would be better to just burn at a speed that rarely stops and starts rather then one which continually stops and starts.

More importantly, the question is if we don’t buy a 16x burner what are we going to buy? Slower speed burners are rarely available and even if they are, they are frequently not cheaper. More importantly, a 8x burner with most new media (or even old media) would be worse then a 16x burner!

Of course if you are talking about upgrading then it is a slightly different issue. Still burn quality is an important issue for many and if your burner is starting to die for whatever reason, clearly it’s not really an upgrade. While there are undoutedly people who buy a new burner even 6 months - 1 year as a hobby, I think the vast majority are either buying a new burner (first time) or are upgrading their old burner because it’s not working very well (whether because of firmware issues with new media or because it’s too old). Note that 100 or so people is not a lot of people :slight_smile: