Crazy Idea: Buy an LG Drive that DOES NOT require flashing!


Attention Flashers, people who want to be flashers, and those who want to flash but lack the hardware, good news, YOU DON’T HAVE TO FLASH A DRIVE. Buy the right drive in the first place and skip all the nonsense.

I have 9 LG-WH16NS40s, svc code NS50, rom ver. 1.02 manufactured between Sept 2016 and August 2017, original factory firmware loaded no flashing required plug and play and backup your 4K discs, for sale, at cost.

I also have 7 LG-BH16NS40s, same specs as above. These are the retail packaged version of the WH16NS40 meaning these drives have spent their lives in protective styro foam end caps rather than stacked 10 high with zero protection.

Arriving soon 4 original factory firmware loaded ASUS BW-16D1HT, manufactured March 2017, firmware 3.00d (macOS will report the d, windows no). Due to all the overblown hype because of the extra 2x you gain in speed, which is negligible in the long run, these will still be for sale at cost but not cheap, due to multiple ships, and a cash tip to the manager who made it happen (long story, best told offline).

So if you value an authentic UHD friendly drive that’s not had it’s firmware inbred using a dos utility in the year 2018 by all means drop me a line at and you’ll have your drive two days later*

*if you live in the SF Bay Area you’ll have your drive the same day, and possibly a beer.

Plenty of references on makemkv and avs forums from happy users. Each drive tested by me with a virgin 4K UHD and guaranteed to work (warranty still intact, because, ya know, it hasn’t had it’s firmware polluted).

thank you for reading,