Crazy DVD Film

I had written a TY DVD+R disc in a Pioneer 107-D Writer.
I watched a film on the disc on the Pioneer DiVX Player.
The screen went smeary with pixels on one bit.
I stopped the film, played to that bit again and there were no pixels.

Why did it do this?
I have not noticed anything like this before.

I can only assume its a weakness in the DVD.
Or the player got confused on the frames it was reading (If this is possible)
Or because it’s XviD.

Does anyone know what may have caused it?


Sorry id also like to add, If i do a surface scan on a DVD Writer drive and all the results that are displayed log no errors isit safe to copy the film back form the DVD?
If there are no errors on the surface scan does it mean copying the film back on that writer will the playback of the film be exactly the same as it was before it went on CD so what im saying is that wi9ll it all still be 100% (the playback of the film after its been copied back from cd) IF the scan logs no errors?


Probably a marginal-quality part of the disc that temporarily overwhelmed the error-correction algorithm the first time, but squeezed in completely corrected the second time. I would re-record that DVD on another blank disc. (Why would that work? See below.)

Yes. The DVD format, being optical media susceptible to physical damage, has very good error detection and correction.

As long as you don’t disable read error reporting (some programs like DVD Decrypter allow you to, but they do report errors by default), if a DVD can be read/surface scanned without CIRC errors reported to you by the reading/scanning program, all data is identical to what you recorded on the disc. On marginal discs, the reading drive may have to slow down and/or make retries on some sectors (you can usually hear it when it happens), but again, as long as there are no uncorrectable/unrecoverable errors reported, you get back 100% of the data.

If I carry on watching the things from the disc on the dvd player, eventually will the disc become so worn that everytime i played that specific bit back in the video it would freeze on that bit?

Thank u for ya help this has helped a lot u telling me this.

No, it won’t “wear out” from reading. Red lasers burn DVDs at between 6 and 24 mW but read at around 0.25 mW, up to 0.7 mW. Recorded (burned) pits are very, very unlikely to change under read-power levels. A good comparison I can think of is getting sunburn from sun exposure through about ten layers of household glass.

The biggest enemies of recordable discs are heat, humidity, and scratches.

Cheers, i didnt realise how smudges from our fingerprints can prevent standalone dvd divx players from reading them, jeez!

I tried one and a finger print was on it the pic was blocky.
Took it out, wiped it and it was fine after that.

Have divx dvd plyers got weaker lasers?

Also can a 1:30 minute divx movie ripped at 700mb after a while end up looking the same badness in quality as a 3 hour film ripped at 600 mb would? <<example

and children :slight_smile:


You need to eliminate possible causes.

Potentially marginal disc? Scan it.

There are other possibilities. I’m not saying “probable”. :wink:

I’ve had occasional discs that pixilate, then when replayed- nothing. After scanning with nothing conclusive, I put it down to dust. The thing about dust is, unlike a smudge, it moves.

If you ever get smearing without blocking, it may be partly the fault of your TV. When I compressed “Hero” with DVDRB, a few scenes on the copy had smearing, mainly reds. The original DVD had just a hint of oversaturation, but no smearing. However, this only happened on one of my TVs, to this day that TV works well. But it can’t handle extremely high color saturation.

Good luck. Don’t forget to tell us YOUR conclusions. :slight_smile:

With CD/DVD Speed? What would i click? Where would i look?

Would you say it’s normal for a dvd player though, i mean these were greasy finger prints all over the disc, just took it out, wiped the disc and put it back in then it played fine.
I was surprised actually because i thought TY were strong discs able to handle smudges like that.
I do realise that dvd player has a weakness in the laser.
Have noticed it on another movie think it was that ‘School Of Rock’
It went pixelated, stopped it, took out the disc, polished it, forwarded it to same part and there was no freeze.

I even hear the playing clicking whilst reading the DVD discs even while its on the disc menu lol.

I hope its not a weak burn though!!

doesnt matter what disc it is, you stick aload of greasy finger prints all over it then the laser is going to have trouble reading the disc no matter how good the disc or how good the burn was.

Looks like you put your “finger” on the problem. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: