Crazy Device Buffer / Pioneer DVR-K16A

Sorry for the long post… but this problem is really annoying and i would like some help

I’ve seen people with the same problem but nothing was helpful to me…

I got a notebook with a pioneer cd/dvd recorder (model DVR-K16A), with 1024mb RAM, processor is a centrino duo 1.65ghz, O.S. is WinXP SP2.

Whenever i try to burn a DVD/CD the device buffer jumps around like crazy…
Because of this, the recording speed goes down to 0.3x~1.2x

The first time i noticed this was after i installed Nero on my notebook. I needed it to burn specific images on a dvd, which wasn’t working with DVD Decrypter. And the first dvd i burned using nero, it took like 1hour for a full dvd.
Before that i don’t remember having any problems with my recorder.
When i realized that, first thing i did was get Blindwrite… it did no good, same problem… Then i uninstalled Nero and tried burning again with blindwrite, no changes.
After a week i decided to go after another burning software and found out about ImgBurn, that was when i finally noticed the buffer jumping around like crazy and the low burning speed.

The thing is, i’ve gone through all different kinds of forums, they all showed some kind of solution, like setting DMA to my recorder, re-installing the driver, updating the driver, changing the burning software, stuff like that, and they all didn’t work.

I could go to the store where i bought it, since it has a 1 year warranty and i bought it less than 6months ago, but i really don’t want to, since the store is not in my city…

That is the symptoms of a DMA problem, plain & simple.

Hey lulajardim, try to reset the dma using this vbs script.

didn’t try the tool, but thanks anyway goldenfingaz
i did it manually ^^
I ran Nero Infotool and found out that the DMA was really off, so i decided to unistall the IDE controllers for my notebook and when i restarted my PC, the DMA was reactivated…

I had the same problem a few weeks ago. Manually hasnt worked for me, dont know why so i found this little vbs script written by Hans-Georg Michna and it worked for me.

As long as what you try gets the job done, that’s all that counts.