Crazy Deals: PX-716A $69.99 and NEC-3500A $39.88

PC Connection is having some insane deals on the PX-716A and NEC 3500. Enjoy!

PX-716A $69.99 after $50 MIR :bow:

NEC-3500A $39.88 after $50 MIR :bow:

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AND you get a free 50-pack of Fuji DVD-R’s, too. (After rebate) I did the NEC deal near the beginning of December. Paid $10 more, but got a retail drive with s/w and a mfr. warranty.

Wow… great deals. Thanks for the heads up.

You’re so lucky just checked it and it’s just for the US, no shipping to EU :sad:

Sorry to hear these deals aren’t available outside the U.S. That price on the Plextor really is something! Though I believe shipping adds another $10 or so, so the actual prices are more like . . .

PX-716A $79.99 (shipped)
NEC-3500A $49.88 (shipped)

still quite a steal though if you don’t mind waiting for the rebates! I’ll let you guys know other great deals as I find them.

BTW, I recently heard from PCConnection regarding the backordered PX-716A for $69.99 after the MIR. I had sent them an email expressing concern regarding the rebate and this was the response I received from customer service. It is either heartening or discouraging depending on your viewpoint. I personally believe it is encouraging and suggest other people take advantage of this deal while it is available. Even if you think PX-716A has been a lemon, it’s still a great deal at $69.99.

From PCConnection Customer Service:

“Hello, and thank you for your e-mail. I apologize for the wait on this backordered item. While we expect to receive some stock around 12/29/04, it will not be enough to cover our newest backorders, and I do not have any ETA yet for stock for your order.
Because you placed your order within the elgible time-frame, you will be able to claim the rebate one way or another - at this time, however, we do not know if the rebate will be extended or if it will be handled in another way. Please contact us about this once you have received your drive.
Thank you.”

I just wanted to inform everyone that this deal is now officially dead. They have removed the PX-716A and the NEC-3500 from the website due to overwhelming demand. I hope you bought them while you had the chance!

For those of you who placed your order for the PX-716A while it was out of stock, rest assured, you will still get your drive. I spoke with customer service this morning. The next shipment will come in on January 3, 2005.


Placed order on Dec 21, got my PX-716A yesterday. It’s TLA #0202.