Crazy Bytes July and August NO COPY?



does anyone know how to copy the new crazy bytes?? i get an ILLEGAL TRACK error when i try to copy it…before i always uders Cd-replicator with 80min cd’s which worked perfect…

Please help!!!


I copied cb 7/99 with CD Wizard Pro 4.6.5. But look out, CD Wizard Pro caused a lot of problems with my other software, especially Nero often gave a “Program area is empty” error. These problems disappeared when I uninstalled CD Wizard Pro.
CD 7/99 can also be read by diskjuggler. Have not tried to burn them, I needed no more copies .
A friend copied them with CDRWin, but that does not work for me (combinatiion software/hardware).
The disks can also be read by CD Duplicator but only the first track. That one contains all the data (the second track contains only a 2 second audio pregap). But again, I did not burn cd’s with duplicator, so I don’t know if there is a check on the cd’s for the second track.
My first guess would be: try discjuggler.