Crazy Bike Messenger Race around NYC & Show Your Bike Thread!



saw the link over at themixingbowl…

i’ve ridden a whole lot around NYC, but never quite like this and never in the winter…

bike messengers are crazy folk…and the cameraman is amazing :iagree:

and i do it on fat tires…can’t imagine what it’s like on skinny rubber…

would love to have this thread be a place where fellow riders show your bike…road or mountain!

this is my aluminum Cannondale M800 Beast of the East circa 1992…i made some custom changes including the Rock Shox Judy SLs, Ritchey Logic clipless pedals, Onza bars and various other tweaks…


That is exactly what I’ll be doing when I get my hands on GTA:SA :bigsmile:
However I do not particulary feel like driving or cycling in NY. I think I would even fear walking. Really, too many people. And too many cars. Whats wrong with the subway or the bus? Or cycling? :smiley: And the cameraman must be some sort of wizard to be able to cram trough that 1dm gap between the bus :slight_smile:
And SUV-limousines are just wrong!


thanks drpino…now Numbers will want to go to NY and ride…


riding a bike through the streets of NYC is a thrilling experience…i invite him to come do it anytime :wink:


you cyclists are adrenalin junkies…its took me so long to find him i don’t want a trip to NY to do him in…those people can’t drive…i sent him a link to this thread maybe he will put up a pic of his bike… its a Specialized …? what ever that is…i just think its pretty…its blue and white

:smiley: :bow: hes even got me on my Trex…some not much but some


on the contrary, us New Yorkers are the only ones that can drive…everyone else hasn’t got a clue :stuck_out_tongue: yeah, saw his bike in that other thread…


Both custom made at the local bike shop here the MTB sports Shimano Deore Group and a Rockshox Pilot SL (Air ) fork, all other bits Ritchey apart from the clickies Shimano.

The Racing Bike has a Carbon Fork, Complete Shimano Ultegra Group and Shimano MTB Clickies

Now had the MTB since August 2003 and have done around 5,000 KM on it the Racing Bike has done around 1,400 since September last year all in since end of July 2003 when i came out of rehab after a Heart Attack ive done around 7,500KM on 3 different Bikes since before i got these two i had a ATB as well.


cool, nice bikes robbo…thanks for sharing!! im not familiar with those RockShox…been a while since i read up on MTB equipment (as you can see since my bike is now more than a dozen years old)…

come on, i know more of you want to share your rides…


Hi drpino, there not bad not to expensive but Air assisted what i would really like to add to the MTB are the Magura HS33 Hydraulic rim Brakes and a decent lockable Fork ( just the thing for going up hills ).


i’m still using cantilever brakes…only dream of hydraulics :wink: i’m surprised my ride has lasted for 12+ years with all the abuse i’ve done to it…


and the best thing with the Racing Bike is the Speed there´s nothing better than flying down a hill doing around 65-70KMH its one hell of a feeling :wink: .


oh my lord another junkie…i hear that is one helluva rush…not that i want to experience that… so are you on a team or just race for the fun of it?


yeah, tops for me is like 40MPH (roughly 64KMH)…what’s most amazing is achieving those speeds just on your own and with gravity…no motors/gas/electronics/etc…


Hi Sexy Southerner, just for fun and for health reasons but somehow when i look at my stomach its not helping :frowning:


The biggest shock i got was going from MTB to Racing Bike its amazing the difference but there is a huge one, for long distances there is no beating the Racing Bike. Ive actually managed on the flat to get it upto 50KMH what i now want is a really steep hill so i can go even faster :slight_smile: .


don’t look at your stomach…look at your legs :wink:

in NYC having fat tires for all the potholes helps, hehe…


Umm, Baby, I have ridden in NY, LA, Chicago and a lot of other cities. I LOVE IT. The id10ts in their cars, the exhaust, the potholes and hacks. It is the most amazing of challenges. When you can work as a bike messanger, you know you can RIDE.

Anyway, I noticed that DrPino is topping out in the mid 60s, that is really good. I love the speed of the Road Race bikes and the Downhill bikes. I have wrecked bikes running around 100kph. That hurts so much, but it is such a RUSH! Even when you know you are coming off the bike and your next stop is going to be the ER and then Physical Rehab, LOL. I have a few pics of my Spec and I am going to link them here.

These were taken around xmas, after I got my new FSA Carbon bars, my race saddle and some new Time ATACs pedals, those are the only ones I will ride. This is my grandmother’s house. My house doesn’t look anything like that.


there you are…

that “tops” has only happened a handful of times on the right roads…i don’t come close to that usually.

nice bike (saw some pics in the other thread).

have you worked as a messenger? a friend of my sisters did it for a while til he got hit by a cab… :o


told ya he had a pretty bike…:smiley:


Yup Here I am, been spending a lot of time on my writing. I have a book due at the end of the year.

Thanks, glad you like the bike. I love her.

I never worked as a messanger, but I did hang out with a bunch when I could get home. I would ride with them to stay sharp. I raced Road, Downhill and X-Country. Can’t race anymore, the knees won’t take the abuse of the get-offs. I ALWAYS wreck in the most spectacular ways. I have even borken Carbon Frames. :bigsmile:

I miss it and I am just now starting to train a little again. Took the better part of two years off and didn’t ride hard. I was only doing metric centries during that time and those were rare. I am looking forward to this season though. Get my legs and my lungs back. :wink:

You keep riding and you can see 100k on the right bike. It’s not that hard if you ride a lot. A little hill and you tuck down and pound HELL outta your big ring. You’ll get there. Let me tell you the first time you draft a car, then swingout and pass that car. Wow, you won’t ever forget it. :iagree:

Keep pounding DRPino.

Oh and Robbo, Nice Rigs!!!