Crazy 106 problems (rip speed, buffering cycling, etc..)



I’d been having flawless performance for over a year with my 106 (with hacked 1.07 firmware) My rips were always at least 6-8x and I had consistent 4x burns. In the past week though my rip speed is barely at 1.6x and when I burn with nero the buffer cycles constantly between 90% and 10% and the entire system grinds to a halt. What used to be a 4x burn in 15 minutes now takes 45 minutes. I upgraded firmware and still no solution. It appears the drive is stilll on DMA as well.

Any thoughts as to what might be going on? In the end, the drive still functions, but just at extremely slow and aggravating speeds while taxing system resources like it never did before.


A few things to check:
Harddrive too full or heavily fragmented? Delete some files and run Disk Defrag.
IDE cable gone bad? Try a new 80 wire IDE cable.


Have you try an other type of blank DVD_R?
Maybe you can try these:
1.Unplug all IDE devices except the HDD and 106.
2.Burn a image file from a partition which at lease have 20% free space.
3.Finally, re-install your Windows and don’t install any other softwares except the drivers and burn software.
Hope can help you!